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Re #5

Before it helped build strong bodies 12 ways, how many ways
did Wonder Bread promise?

A) about a toothpaste: With the big new cap that (7 words)

B) and after that little dab, what came next?

C) And after that?

D) Final line?

E) Anyone remember the jingle
After all that's said and done
It's Palisades for (2 words)

F) Same jingle as E), next lines are.......


It was originally eight ways

A) lets the tube stand on its head! (Ipanna toothpaste)

B) You'll look so debonair.

C) The girls will all pursue ya!

D) They love to get their fingers in your hair.

E) havin' fun

F) So skip the bother and skip the fuss
beep! beep! (sound effects)
Take a Pub-lic Ser-vice bus

{I wrote Pub-lic Ser-vice that way because that's how the jingle went -- it stretched both words out}

**Now it's your turn to play Fill In The Blank. What ads, jingles, etc. do you remember??

I hate to admit it, especially in public like this, but JR might have come up with something good.


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