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"The Tech Rep" by James Michener, Continued

"Holt himself had known good schooling and had profited from it. At Laramie High, in eastern Wyoming, he had run into an excellent physics teacher who had taught him advanced electronics in an after-school club, so that when at seventeen Holt lied about his age in order to join the marines, they grabbed at him and made him a communications specialists. At Iwo Jima he had hugged the beach, running the radio which controlled the landing; and at Okinawa, had picked up several decorations for bravery.

When World War ll ended he was nineteen, preparing to land in the first assault wave on Japan. His character was all ready formed and would change little in latter years: taciturn,fearless, competent. The last word was the key: I RESPECT PEOPLE WHO CAN DO THINGS. As might have been expected when the Korean War broke out he volunteered to rejoin the marines, even though his unit was not scheduled for call-up, and it was while serving north of Seoul that he learned of his divorce. A week later he made captain, so the two incidents seemed to balance out."

To be continued.

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