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Marguerite & Family

Last evening God looked down and saw a good soul in pain beyond it's tolerance. God extended his loving hands and invited this soul to be free of her healths suffering by following him to a peaceful place above...she looked around her room at the familiar faces of her many loved ones. Feeling secure in their love & knowing they would eventually understand, she thought "I hate to leave, I must let go...I'll know they'll shed so many tears for my departing but it's just my time to go"

While being gently lifted to another place she was waving and softly whispering her goodbyes...just in case you couldn't hear through your tears, this is what she said...
"God chose me to visit with him in Heaven today. As I was shown around, I decided this is a very good place where I must stay. Please have no fear, I'm OK here. I now will reside in Heaven where for eternity I'll rest in peace" You don't have to write or call - just look uP with heart felt memories with a smile on your face and I'll be oh so near to embrace. You may not be able to hear my voice or see me but I'll forever be there in the spirit of love, helping to calm your fears..

Marguerite and Family remember...there are holes in the floor of Heaven through which your Mom will always peer. She will watch over those she left behind sending her vibes of guidance and love always.

My deepest condolences to you & yours in your time loss...peace in understanding the loss of your Mom will take time...know that she is at rest now...forever in Gods home.



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