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Thanks for all of the positive reactions, which made the journey all the nicer! Yeah, Rick drove Big Sur, which is a chore, and why he got to do it. En route I told him about the time Dwyer (from Port Richmond, now of the S.F. Hall of Injustice) and I got a late start and drove it at night, not through any surplus of intelligence. It was s c a r y, cold, dark, and more than a little dangerous. Also a long time ago.

One thing I want to mention about the scuba diving reference to Monterey. Shallow diving there is, but also much riskier deeper diving. Also, yesterday's newspaper reported the death of a sport diver among the kelp along with the warning that kelp diving has its own dangers - seems that divers get tangled in it, panic, and can't get to air. Monastery Beach, at Carmel, Monterey's other-side-of-the-Peninsula has been called Mortuary Beach, for the divers it's claimed.

I did dive Catalina, day and nite, some time ago, with a guided class, and that was the best diving I ever did, very colorful and teeming with undersea life, with much more to see than, say in Hawaii, except that the reef fish in Hawaii are worth the trip, especially if it inspires you to try to recapture the colors, say in water colors. Another of my great inabilities, but nice trying.

So be careful and don't just jump in because you read how neat it was.

Funny, we passed Cayucos and didn't stop, figuring it to be a time warp we didn't have time for. Neva' woulda guessed I'd get shouted at like a NooYawka; would shouted right back, I can assure you, and laffed. This part of the coast, I'm told, perhaps reliably, was a haven for rumrunners during Prohibition, what with boats coming down from Vancouver and up from Tijuana, needing secluded spots to off-load. I'm expecting O.T. to tell us all about rumrunning and Art all about temperance.

I'll drink to that.


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