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You don't sound like an idiot at all. "Fast food" is deliberately advertised to give the appearance that it's also cheap. The truth of the matter is that it's NEITHER!'s absolutely incredible but 9 out of 10 workers there just cannot seem to do the job. We wait for what seems like an eternity for that "fast food" and besides getting the change all wrong...they usually get the order wrong too. Don't forget to check your order BEFORE you pull away!!!

For the most part the employees in those places are teenagers and in all fairness to them I know that they make them work very long and wacky hours.

Both Burger King and McDonalds are equally as bad. We've gotten to the point where we've realized that it's CHEAPER to eat at Perkins.....than to go there!

Most of the time it's FASTER TOO!

Soooo YEP! The cost of living (for those kinds of places anyway) has gone up but unfortunately...the quality of it...

.....has gone down!


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