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"The Tech Rep", by James Michener; Continued:

" One of the first group to invest with me was the especially Difficult man I found working in Turkey-Harvey Holt. A former marine captain whose wife was in the process of taking him to the cleaners. Bitter, tough, capable, he was then serving his first overseas stint as a tech rep for UC of New York, which had recently installed an airport comminications system for Turkey. Other Members of the original team had returned to the States, leaving Holt in charge of all the installations in the country. He was required to keep an apartment at headquaters in Ankara but spent most of his time at Yesilkoy airport near Constantinople, where the planes flew in to refuel for the Asia run.

Holt was not an easy man to know, for he found it difficult to speak, and when he did he said little about himself. It was only when it became necessary for him to designate a beneficiary for his WM shares that I discovered that he had been divorced, for he said gravely, MAKE IT TO LORA KATE. WHERE THE KID IS CONCERNED, SHE'S GREAT. I could have helped him save more of his money except that he insisted upon sending his young son a larger check each month than the court had ordered. He saw the boy once every five or six years, and once he told me, I'D LIKE HIM TO SPEND A YEAR WITH ME, BUT WHERE'S THE SCHOOL?

To be continued!

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