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A few years ago two racket ball courts were built @ NAS. The use was overwhelming. To keep peace reservations had to be made, 1st come 1st serve, no rank pulling. A visiting Admiral decided he wanted to play. He did not have a reservation, so he pulled rank. This disrupted the whole schedule. After the game, and his shower, he discovered his uniform hat was missing. Base security was notified, & all vehicles leaving the base were searched. No hat. So the next morning all vehicles entering & leaving the base were searched. Traffic backed up outside the main gate. The highway patrol had not been notified, & were upset by the traffic jam. The press got wind of this & the radio & TV trucks showed up (they figured maybe we were going to war). When they got the true story they had a field day. The searched stopped, from then on reservations were honored, despite rank. The hat, still missing!

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