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I'm late to reply my computer has been to the digital doctor and is still recovering from hard drive reformatting.
I moved to Westerleigh on Nov 21, 1964 and attended PS 30, St. John's Lutheran (51 was too scary for my folks) and graduated Wagner in 77. I lived near the firehouse off Jewett Ave and had relatives that lived on St. John's Ave. I believe it was the corner house across from the candy store. Their name was/is Spitale.
Staten Island felt like a safe place then. My safety was shattered in the mid 70's with "son of Sam" and three hold-ups that occurred at the dairy barn (where I worked) on Victory Blvd (near a building that had something to do with the Catholic Church.)
Do you remember the Flag Day parade held each year on Wescott Blvd that ended at Westerliegh park. I won a prize for decorating my bike the year that the men landed on the moon. Do you remember when someone blew up the water fountains near the 4th floor science labs at Wagner? Mr. Frumpkin with his guitar? Many good memories.
I left in 82 and have returned for only a few brief visits. My last visit, this past summer was to take my niece to the zoo. I thought the old neighborhood looked pretty good, all things considered.

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