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Coming to work in the morning now has turned out to be a hassle...They have the guards at the main gate checking every car that has non-US plates. This means opening the trunk, looking under the seats (and sometimes the hood). This means waiting up to an hour sometimes to go 200 yards.

My heart goes out to the poor young men and women MP's who are stuck with this duty. They go out of their way to be pleasant to everyone coming in, but there are always a few people who feel that it's not necessary to check THEIR car and give the MP's a hard time.

These are the same jerks who will cry the loudest about "insufficient" security measures if THEIR base/facility then gets bombed.

I wish I had a good feeling about our latest retaliation...I don't know any other answer myself, but I wish there was one...this could degenerate into something very ugly.

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