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I agree, I also feel that all war is stupid. However some were called they went and did what was required of them. They did not get a heros welcome home. 20 years later the same people that were anti-vet made lip noise about how the way Viet-Nam vets were treated poorly. (It was the popular thing to do just as the anti-war movement was cool 20 years before) ((not for all but for most)) Sympathy is not required but don't expect us to forget about it because we won't. While We might have made decisions then that we would not make now. We did what We were required to do. While I regret any human life or limb lost in that war I am not ashamed. When it was my turn at bat I stood up at the plate.
It was a long time ago and in my humble opinion "If you weren't there you shouldn't talk about it". This is not directed at anyone so I hope no-one takes offense.

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