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I feel like Popeye I've been trying to stay out of it but "It's all I can Stands cuz I can't stands no more". Smokers
vs non smokers both can be rude. I have smoked in the past
and hopefully will not smoke again. Yes smokers do smell although they might not recognize it, even when I smoked I tried to consider other peoples concerns. I never smoked around my kids and it wasn't till after I had my first heart attack that my teenage children knew I smoked more than an occasional cigar. ( I smoked 4 packs a day) My oldest daughter smokes and although I have not smelled it on them for about a year I gave and will continue to give her hell if I smell smoke on my grandchildren. Smoking is not an addiction it is a habit. Habits are addictive whether good or bad. I do not think that smoking makes someone less of a person. You can smoke around me all you want but if I try to bum one smack me and don't you dare smoke around my kids

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