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Tomdgimp and other smokers,
I've tried to stay out of this, but it's gone on too long and my self restraint has evaporated. I truly respect your right to smoke -- but not in my space.

I grew up in a family where everyone -- parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc smoked. I've had bronchial problems all my life, acquired asthma as an adult and have watched several relatives die of emphysema and lung cancer. As a child I was lectured by a nun at Blessed Sacrament Church because my clothes were so smokey that she was positive that I had been smoking.

I have been a victim of second hand smoke most of my life, and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of my loved ones dying because they started smoking before they knew it was dangerous and then couldn't stop (or if they did stop, it was already too late). I'm worried that my children won't remember how much they hated the smoke at their grandmother's house, how they would cough and their clothes would stink and will think that it's "cool" to start smoking.

So, if you need to smoke please feel free to do so, but please, don't do it in my space.

Thank you,

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