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On 11/09/1999 7:03:18 PM, TOMDGIMP wrote:
>On 11/09/1999 12:15:29 PM, MM5168 wrote:
>>You sure are getting angry
>>over this subject. Why? Could
>>it be that you get tired of
>>people asking you to put out
>>the cigarette? Why should you
>>have to be asked, it is the
>>gist of my original post.....
>Yes I am getting angry, NOT because
>anyone asks me to put out my cigarettes,
>but because I don't like when people
>have something stupid to say about my
>family, or make stupid remarks to
>justify their position on a subject.
>Remember Donna's "words of wisdom":
>There are none so blind as those that
>will not see.
>WHY should I have to be asked???!!!???
>How were you raised? If someone does
>something that bothers you, you SHOULD
>POLITELY ask them to stop. That's what a
>NORMAL person does. I guess you think I
>should call the Psychic Friends Network,
>before I light a cigarette to see if it
>bothers anyone.
>One last time for the people that don't
>seem to get it:
>I have NO PROBLEM with anyone that
>smoking bothers, I DO have a problem
>with you or anyone else thinking it is
>YOUR right to tell me NOT to smoke, you
>CAN ask me and I'm ALWAYS obliging, but
>YOU have NO right to complain in a
>restaurant that ALLOWS smoking!!!! SIT
>QUESTIONS? My 5 year old niece could
>understand it why can't an you?

Unfortunately, your response of... sit somewhwer else if it bothers you is not the answer either. Not many restaurants have split ventilation systems, so any smoke in a restaurant permiates the whole place. The only real answer is to ban smoking in restaurants period.

I don't think that most smokers even realize how objectionable the smell of smoke is to a non smoker, especially when eating. I think NYC has the right approach, No smoking in any part of a restaurant.

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