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Curb-ball? I forgot about curb-ball! If it's the same game I played on Ocean Avenue in South Beach it was like stoop-ball without the stoop. It took a little more finesse to play curb-ball, but it was every bit as enjoyable.

Does anyone remember another ball game called Ace-King-Queen or King-Queen-Jack? We played it back in the 50's in Tompkinsville in the school yard (PS 16?). The players would line up about 10-15 feet from the wall. The player at the far left end of the line was the "Ace". The players to his right were the king, queen, jack, etc.

The object of the game was to throw the ball against the wall as hard as you could in an attempt to make those higher in the order than you miss it (it had to be a grounder, no fly balls). If they failed to catch the ball, they were "demoted" to the end of the line and everyone moved to the left one square. If you caught it, you would fire it back, trying to knock someone else out of the lineup.

We played this game before school, during lunch, and after school. It was good practice for developing our pitching arms and fielding hot grounders when we played stickball.

Ah, memories...

Rolling Stone

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