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On 11/08/1999 9:34:13 PM, farfisa wrote:
>Why can't we forget this
>little "WAR" and get on with
>our lives....but still give
>respect to the fallen guys who
>gave their all to this "little
>war" was like going to a
>prom without a date.....nobody
>cared....I wish that everybody
>cared...They gave more respect
>to the "over kill guys" during
>Desert Storm...even the VFW
>gave them open arms to join
>their flock.....but shunned
>the men who went to the
>NAM...calling them "druggies",
>not knowing that they did the
>same things that they did in
>1945. GIVE THEM A BREAK....
>and they at the VFW's want to
>know why that these guys do
>not want to join this so
>called pro-GI group.

Not sure how to take your post. I've heard the "little"
war thing many times before. My response to that theory always has been that some people must believe it was fought
with BB guns,pea shooters, or at the most miniature bullets.
The men that died must have died little deaths, amputees must have only lost withered limbs etc.

As far as Viet-Nam veterans being druggies some were some weren't just like the rest of the population in that age group. Alot of V.F.W. posts rejected Viet-Nam Vets just as the rest of society did.

Most Viet-Nam Veterans have assimilated into society and many are very successful businessmen and leaders in there communities. Some have not just like a percentage of society in that age group.

Desert Storm Veteran were welcomed into the V.F.W. because of Viet-Nam Veterans initiative just as we welcomed Lebanon and Granada Veterans in order to make sure that it wouldn't happen again in our lifetime

As far as getting over it some people have to look at family pictures and remember a son or friend that is no longer alive. Some look at their bodies every day and see the scars from there injuries. Some will never get over the memories of looking at their friends wounded or dead bodies and even the remembrance of dead enemy soldiers are always in the back of their mind someplace. Some who never saw combat remember societies attitude towards when they returned and even some of these people suffer from survivors guilt. The reason most people don't talk about it is because no matter how it is explained if you haven't lived it you would never understand

To get back to my original point. You feel this was a little war. For you to better understand I would like you to perform a little experiment. Find a neighborhood bar and bring a two pound hand sledge with you. Find the biggest strongest guy in the bar and buy him a shot and a beer.
Next remove both shoes and socks, place your right foot
on a hardwood chair and as hard as you can hit your big
toe with the sledge next hit your small toe as hard as you can. If your theory about "little" is correct than your small toe should not really hurt too much. Next hand the big guy the hammer and bet him two drinks that he cannot smash your toes as hard as you did. Put your other foot on the chair and have him smash both toes. I doubt you'll ever forget that experience. And you'll remember it every time you see that bar, change your socks, or see a big guy.

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