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The city I live in (Arlington, TX) has put a total ban on smoking in restaurants. You can smoke, however if the establishment is a bar. In this case, they have to have separate ventilation systems for smoking areas and non-smoking areas.

I am a reformed smoker. Started when I was 13 and stopped about 5 years ago. Just because I don't smoke, don't mean you can't. :) In fact, all of my friends smoke. I don't insist they sit in non-smoking when we are out. And they have the courtesy to smoke on my front porch or back patio when they visit. :) The rule: You don't smoke in my house and I won't fart in yours.. ROFLOL, Sorry had to add a joke in there....

But my one huge gripe on smoking, and this really grosses me out, is when I am driving behind a smoker and I can smell their cigarette-smoke infested car through my a/c vents... YUCK-0.... That's it... no other gripes.. (on this topic). LOL

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