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On 11/06/1999 12:36:55 AM, MM5168 SPOUTED:
>When you say your family
>accepts each other as they
>are, and doesn't try to change
>them, does that mean if you
>were a crackhead,a heroin
>addict or alcoholic, your
>family would accept it, and
>not try to change you? I would
>hope they are not as you say,
>but more thoughtful of each

Do I REALLY need to answer that idiotic statement?

>It sounds like you really
>don't care about anyone else,
>as long as you are "enjoying"

I DON'T CARE!!!??? I'm the one that said if it bothers you say something POLITELY, and most smoker's WILL put it out!!!
What I DID say is that it should NOT be banned, since it IS something myself and MANY others enjoy!

>As the previous post
>said, when you smoke in my
>presence, you are becoming a
>danger to me, and therefore,
>by your logic, I should say
>something to you....Please, be
>more considerate of others....
Again, if you go in the smoking section of a restaurant(which is where this thread started), WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?
You have NO idea of whether or not I am considerate of non- smokers, I have just been saying that I feel that in this COUNTRY we ARE SUPPOSED to have RIGHTS and people like YOU are the inconsiderate ones when you constantly whine at people for doing things that they want to do.

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