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Hi Donna,
I am so glad to hear that your mom is recovering. These are hard times for us in the "sandwich" generation, aren't they. (For those of you who don't know we are referred to as the "sandwich generation" because we are "sandwiched" in between our young children and our aging parents, often caring for both at the same time.)

Hospital stays are horrible for my mother and my family does all that we can to avoid them. I don't know what is happening these days. Once I came into my mother's room early in the morning (she was completely helpless, though aware) and found a bedpan filled with urine ON TOP OF HER STOMACH!! Apparently, whoever was toileting her became distracted, or had an emergency or something, but come on! I was livid. Thank God for those wonderful health care professionals who work so hard and actually care for their charges. We have our share of marvelous people, too.
All my best for your mom's full recovery.

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