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Hi Art!

YEP! That "I have a stairway to Heaven" stuff irks me too!!! As for your points about passages or words in the Bible being taken're absolutely RIGHT! I'm not exactly what you'd call a "Bible Reader" anyway *S*....but when I do read it, I read it from a Spiritual perspective...not a literal one! *S* The bottom line to Christianity (for me *S*) is the question: IS IT LOVE BASED and does that Love apply to ALL? The latter is what makes it UNCONDITIONAL! If I can read something and say Yes to those questions, than in my book ...that qualifies as PURE LOVE....and I embrace it~~~> Spiritually. If it doesn't answer those gains no entrance with me! It's as simple as that. I have been in debate circles where some will pick apart each and every little detail in the Bible ad infinitum and toss them around and around for contemplation. That's fine if that's where they're ~at~ and they learn from or enjoy that kind of stuff *S*...but it's not where I'm at. Like I said....for me...The Christ Consciousness is all about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Anything else ....just doesn't make the cut!

I study the Kabbala! I study the Tao! I study MANY other Philosophies. I take ~Home~ to my heart...only that which rings true as being PURE LOVE! I have no "Religious" boundaries....for TRUTH itself cannot be monopolized.

No matter WHO is suppose to have said something or WHAT they're supposedly trying to say.....the bottom line is the ~SPIRIT~ of it all. If it isn't PURE isn't true Spirituality!!!

The worst is when people try to USE Spirituality as a vehicle for NON LOVE!!!! They use all of the "catch" words and they try to sound so mighty and full of knowing ...but in reality, anyone who truly listens looking for the LOVE in the message ...can see it's NOT. Those robotic people are nothing more than hollow shells. That's why they REPEAT Bible verses and things. They cannot SPEAK from their heart. They have no GENUINE place of ~Spirituality~ for things to emmanate from. It's sad...and it's scary.......

....and unfortunately there are WAYYYY to many lost Souls out there like that....but it's true. The worst though is when those lost Souls try to lead others to that dark place. EEKS!

As for the movie you mentioned....I haven't seen it...but now that you've brought it to my attention...I guess I will!

Thanks for your reply!


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