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On 11/8/99 8:49:09 AM, Rolling Stone wrote:
>interesting. I'm a "D"
>Actually, I wash my hair
>twice, so that must mean I'm
>an extra good sex partner!!!
>BTW DJ, since you posted the
>test, what category are you?

Very interesting! I'm also a "D" and I also wash my hair twice! *LOL* I thought I was the only one!!! ( I mean the only person! *LOL*)

BUT (and this is the truth) I rinse it off at the end in COLD WATER!!!! Yep! I give it a COLD SHOWER! *ROTFLOL*

In all sincerity I've found that the cold water really helps it SHINE! I've been doing that for years. I've since read somewhere (I can't remember where) that it's a HELPFUL HINT for GROOMING! *S*

So see that! Cold Showers are GOOD for a few things!



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