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Thanks for the research, Harry. Ya' good man.

I still believe her actions were treasonous, not simply misguided beliefs. I emphatically do not think she rates honors as one of the 100 Women of the Century. But in opposing that we should cite the accurate facts, not overblown exaggerations. That does nothing but tarnish the good guys.

While your friend agrees that her actions did not directly result in the death of any POWs as purported by the erroneous e-mail, I think her actions probably did result in many indirect deaths. But I realize that's a subjective statement and an opinion. She also swallowed and repeated many of Hanoi's lies, resulting in some unwarranted condemnation of US servicemen. But that's also subjective.

Bottom line, she ain't worth two cents in my book, but the condemnation of her should be based on true facts.


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