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After reading CharlieJ's post I acknowledged that I had not done my homework so I emailed a friend who spent 6 1/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton. I cut the following out of his response to me.

All of that was so long ago I don't remember all the details. I know that
Jerry Driscoll was punished for not seeing Jane, but he does fly for American
Airlines so the damage was not permanent. The story about Jane handing the
camp commandant the slips of paper is true and resulted in some torture, but
certainly no one died as a result of that torture.

I think that the worst thing that Jane did was to try to damage our morale by
siding with the NVN. We were all tortured for a lot of things and her
presence was just another one of those things. With an extensive letter
writing campaign we got the American Bar Association (ABA) to withdraw an
invitation to her to speak at their convention in Atlanta this summer, so
circulating the e-mail you got was the right thing to do."


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