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Awwww Thank You {{{Mim}}}! How sweet of you! I truly appreciate the prayers you'll be saying for her in Mass today. In a little while, I'll be doing the same thing. *S*

You're so right on in your statement about "knowing what Mom's mean to us". Oh Yes! My Mom and I are very close. I'm quite sure I mentioned it here before but, she only lives around the corner from me now. What a gift that is! My children (much to my Mom's chagrin sometimes I'm sure *LOL*) get to see my Mom quite often in the course of a day. I do too. Still yet, we're all human and it's so easy to take that for granted at times. What happened with my Mom with the stroke was horrifically scary, but it was also a gift in disguise. What a wake~up call it was!

My you...seems to have been very Blessed as far as the physical deficit she incurred as well as her increasing recovery. All that remained from the stroke is a weakness in one leg from the knee down and the other leg is weak too because in the course of the stroke, she put all of her weight on the unaffected one. She's doing better and better every day with the physical therapy and if you met her, I don't even think you'd be able to tell that anything happened. *S*

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. I will put her in my prayers at Mass today! That way both of our Mom's will get double the Prayers. *S*

Just as you were with your Mom, I was with my Dad when he left this plane. He passed on in the Emergency Room of St. Vincents Hospital... on May 27, 1996. (At least we know he was getting the best of care though as my Mom and I never left his side *S*) The weird part to this whole business with my Mom's stroke is that unfortunately, when she went into the Emergency Room....

They put her in the SAME CUBICLE that my Dad had been in!

EEK!!! Talk about your toughy of a situation.

I knew right away...but I certainly wasn't about to tell HER that in the event that she didn't know. I mean, that's NOT the kind of thing you tell someone in the middle of a stroke! *S* And yet, there was another part of me thought...jeepers, what if she knows and it makes her physical condition worse! EGADS!

Well fortunately, God was on our side. *S* My Brother went to the bathroom and my Mom whispered to me that she KNEW this was the cubicle that my Father had been in....but not to tell it to my brother.

My Brother came out of the bathroom and said: Listen, I need to talk to you privately, this is the SAME cubicle that Dad was in...but don't tell Mom!

All 3 of us knew it...and no one wanted to break the news to one another! *LOL* Now I ask you, is life weird or what???

I figured if my Mom was strong enough ~Spiritually~ to whisper that to me and still want to protect my Brother....she'd be alright with it. There was also another woman in the cubicle with her. When my Dad was there, he had it to himself.

As they say, what you can't accept. *S*

Thank God My Mom is doing well *S*....and Thank You to YOU and Everyone else....who continues to shower her with good thoughts and prayers.

There is most DEFINETELY ....

Power in Prayer! *S*

Thanks Again {{{Mim}}}!!!

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