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I'm wondering if nowadays the techrep/travelin' man's hi-fi systems have been replaced by the PC mania? The need to have the fastest, biggest and the most peripherals seems to be the vogue now.

I no longer consider myself a true field engineer/techrep, but back in those days, it was true...the guys with the most expensive toys were usually either divorced or on the verge of one.

When I interviewed for this overseas slot, the company interviewed both myself and my (second) wife together and separately. They wanted to make sure we had a stable marriage and were not taking an overseas slot just to: a)try to patch up a failing marriage, b)get out of debt by taking a job overseas or c)both.

That's a far cry from the old days when companies just wanted to fill a slot with a warm body overseas...if they had no family much the better!

Somewhere along the line, companies have found out that it's better to have someone in place that is stable. I'm sure the beancounters figured out that it's cheaper in the long more paying bail, repairing bars and cars or getting someone out of there in a hurry.

I miss the old days...but I'm too old and settled now to want to go back to them...While I enjoy being overseas, I like having the "little America" base to go to. I consider that as having the best of both worlds....DAN

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