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Dear {{{Gina}}}}....

Thank You Dear Friend!!!!

Your very nice and caring words to me about My Mother mean so much to me! Yes, my Mom is home now. *S* She's got a Visiting Nurse coming to the house though and also a Physical Therapist. The deficit was minimal compared to what could have happened...but still's there and it's no day at the beach! I Thank God like you wouldn't believe that she's ~HOME~ and improving every day!

It was all so very scary. Believe it or not....she called me right in the middle of the stroke! :-0 Luckily, she's one strong willed woman (very strong willed *LOL*) and she's getting better and better every day! *S*

You have been there for me SOOOOO MANY times in the past I can't count....and believe me when I tell you that you can't count how much it means to me! *S*

Thank You so much for the Prayers for My Mom (I've always enjoyed our conversations about the Power of Prayer! *S*) and also for the TLC for me!!! {{{{HUGS}}} I think I was in a state of SHOCK when it first happened...but I'm starting to come out of deep freeze! *S*

Thank You again!!!

And man! Catch up with those posts already will ya! *LOL*

I've missed Ya!!!! *S*


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