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I'm sorry to see that you're so upset Charliej....but that aside...yours was a beautiful post and I want to make sure that I tell you how I felt about it. You stated so many things about the smokers/non-smokers debate so very very well.

I enjoyed reading your post every much...that is....with the exception of the name calling that I saw at one point in it. (You blindly called someone an "as*hole".)

Your name calling aside however, everything you said was all said so perfectly. It's nice to know that there are some Smokers out there who have a clear sense of the situation. I applaud you in your "knowing the rules" and in "not smoking in public places". The fact that even when you're outside "if it bothers someone you either don't or move away" tells a lot about your integrity as a fellow human being. Also noteworthy is the fact that you can "forego it" when choosing a place to congregate if it would mean leaving out an integral part of the group. You clearly put others first.

You mention that you have "paid your dues" and that too is clear from your post. In each and every way imaginable you own up to and hold yourself accountable for... your actions. IMHO you do it impeccably. That's all non-smokers want from smokers! *S* That's all they've ever wanted.

As for all of you comments about being "filthy" well....on all of that I'm totally confused. By your own admission you "won't be called filthy" and I can't say that I blame you. I wouldn't want to be called filthy either...but....

Where did anyone here call you "filthy"????

I admit that I haven't really read every post in this string so maybe I missed something.....but if I go by my gut feeling I think that you might be referring to some of the posts that spoke of the smell it leaves on clothes. I know I saw that alluded to in a few earlier posts! I myself just posted about this issue (smoking) today (as you've probably seen) and just in the event that you too skimmed my post and mistakenly though I was calling you "filthy"...I want to draw your attention to the fact that while I did use that word...what I actually did was call the "habit" of smoking filthy....not the people! There's a BIG DIFFERENCE! If by some change you did read my post wrong and that's what upset you, I hope now that I've pointed out what I really said, you'll feel better. If it was something someone else said (it's hard to tell when an angry poster doesn't address their post to anyone specific) well, in all sincerity from what I read I honestly don't recall anyone else calling smokers themselves "filthy" either. As I said, there have been a few other posts that talk about the smell smoke leaves on clothes....and as someone who has never smoked I can tell you unequivicably that it does......but apparently you're aware of that some degree ... as evidenced by your pointing out that you "change clothes daily (often 2 or 3 times a day". You mentioned other methods of personal grooming/cleaning but I don't think I have to re~list them! *S*

Charliej....everything you stated in your post is all non-smokers have ever wanted out of smokers...A REALITY CHECK to all that it is!!! As I believe I said in my earlier post....none of the non~smokers that I know of are trying to ban smokers from doing what they want to do on their own turf...they're just trying to protect THEIR OWN space and unfortunately when people are smoking in the same vicinity as those who don't smoke...that's exactly what happens.

For the sake of clarity, I reiterate that I personally have never said that any smoker....or ANYONE ELSE for that matter was "filthy". I said that smoking was a "filthy" habit. I remain firm in that statement too. Smoking leaves a RESIDUE in the atmosphere and on clothes and on the breathe of those that do it...and that's just a fact. As far as the state of that residue ...well....I'm sorry if the word "filthy" offends you but in all sincerity are you trying to say it's a "clean" one? If so, I'd have to respectfully disagree with you there. Charliej...if it were a "clean" residue....we'd all be trying to ~get it~ instead of putting our clothes in the washing machine to ~get rid of it~.

Feel better Charliej! I truly hope that whatever was bothering you passes. I'd hate to think that you go worked up over an imagined insult!


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