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Hi MM5168!

High Five to you on both your most recent post...and all of your posts on this topic actually. I know what you're doing. You're trying your darndest to open up some eyes well as ~*Hearts and Souls*~....but as they say...."There are none so blind as those who will not see. How very true that is. It's sad...but it's true and it's demonstrated here over and over again.

The concept of "prejudice" and "acceptance"... is being tossed around on this subject and quite frankly *LOL*'s being done with quite a bit of TWISTED say the very least.

These are the facts.....these are the real facts:

1) Smoking is not a requirement for sustaining life. It is a man~made concoction and therefore it is clearly a choice on the the part of the SMOKER. Those who chose to "not smoke" harm no one. Those who chose to "smoke" in public...harm EVERYONE.

~Spiritually~ speaking: Who here honestly and truly deep in the pit of their ~*Heart and Soul*~ ....believes that they have the "right" or "privelige" to harm or shorten the life of another? Luckily, even if someone was going to step up and answer yes on that.....we have the LAW to protect us from the criminally insane.

Speaking from the Legislative stance: I implore the militant smokers (and that's exactly what the "I have a right" yappers are) to show me ONE law on the books which gives one group of people the legal "right" to knowingly and consciously harm another. I'll save you alot of work and tell you right won't find it.

2) To the Smoking Militant Population: Could you please direct me to the literature that illustrates even one beneficial aspect of smoking. I personally have yet to hear of one. Conversely however, we have all read about ...heard about...and unfortunately KNOW...gazillions of negative side effects to it. Besides which even IF one were to find a beneficial use for it...the fact that the negatives would be wayyyyyy outweighing "it".....would eradicate any "power" you might believe it has.

Soooooo In closing, I'd just like to say to all of the Militant Smokers....

Where is all of this "prejudice" on the part of those wanting clean air and as long and healthy a life as they can possibly have??? I personally call it NORMAL! *ROTFLOL*

I understand that many smokers began smoking during a time when the fact that it's so dangerous and harmful was not known, and for that I do feel sorry for you all. You're addicted to an expensive, filthy and harmful habit, but be that as it may, that does not, now that we all do know the negative effects, give you or anyone else...the "right" or "privelige" to continue on harming innocent others.

The "prejudice" is not on the part of the never has been. It's on the part of the Militant Smokers.

Smoking is not only a harmful and filthy habit, but it gives off SECOND HAND SMOKE which has been scientifically proven to be even more harmful than the smoke one gets if they smoke the cigarette themself!

Knowing that....and wanting to continue DOING IT to selfishness.

The Militant Smokers may stamp their feet and have as many temper tantrums as they like.....but the FACTS are crystal clear. Smoking is harmful. Smoking is extra harmful to innocent people. THANKFULLY, we live in a country that PROTECTS innocent people. To ban smoking in public places is the ONLY fair decision.

BRAVO to society for learning and growing and finally doing the RIGHT THING!!!!!!

It has always been the NON-SMOKER who walked with purity on this issue. They are they ones who really lack prejudice and accepts ALL!!!! I've yet to see a Non-Smoker (myself included) try to forbid any of the smokers from doing it within the confines of their own home.........

...all they/we want to PROTECT LIFE...INNOCENT LIFE!!!!

To the Militant Smokers: You may certainly choose to be self absorbed...and to not care about destroying Life...

....but you won't win!!!!! *S*

Justice may take a while...but does come to stand on the side of those with a pure ~*Heart and Soul*~!


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