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The discrimination and segregation of the 90's

I'd rather be with a smoker any day than the "I don't smoke" person who sits at the next table in a restaurant having their before, during and after cocktail along with one for the road, then stagger-walks to their car an drives along the same street that I'm headed home on - keep an eye on that group that sauntered in to eat & try to sober uP before going home, after being at happy hour to "relax" themselves after work...OR at a gathering "lies uP" an excuse to run outside or locks them self behind a closed door so they can toke a joint or snort a line...comes back into the party area wearing a silly grin has dilated pupils, chug-a-lugs a few "booze moods" so they can "relax" and shed their stress while trying to get into the swing of things while totally thinking they're not making a fool of about the over the counter junkies out there who pop a pill for this & that uP & DOwn of the day and a stress level they have yet to figure out but not to worry this little pill will or is it that little pill will help them NOT be able to read the cautions of the Rx they just popped as they get behind the wheel of their utility vehicle full of kids on their way to school because it's car pool day...better yet have a prozak, pop a valium, walk on a cloud with haldol, darvosette, xanzx...ohhhhhhhh soooooo pretty they come in all the colors of the rainbow, take a drink of booze, do a line, toke that bud, did you know tylanol II is good for head aches too - take three if ya wanna see...indulge in all that "fat free" "local" "ultra lite" "look and taste alike" food, food, food you can sure to always use artificial sweetener, drink diet soda & make it only decafe please...especially while your at the office making a zillion copies and inhaling all those "silent fumes" while you white out those nasty typos, crazy glue that fallen aftificial nail to cover the chewed nubs and get nervous rushing because the couple next in line hair sprays & douses themselves in the most gaWdddddddd awfullllllll HEAVY cologne and perfume - it could choke a horse out of its coffin (excuse me I have to uPchuck cause my head feels like it's going ot explode from that YUCKKKKKK smell). BTW on the way home from work would ya stop and pick up the dry cleaning, the dog from it's flea dipping, some "tucky fried" and "mickey d's" - we'll never know what REALLY makes them doggie plum as they cook...and don't forget the spray awayyyyyyy "smell swell" for every part of the house cause a happy cigatette smoker was here to visit today.

I think I'll pass on that "Grand Slam" of a midnight snack & go for a nice long walk instead w/ my cig smoking friends who are welcoming of all, take lifes uPs and DOwns in their in stride and know well that this lifes road of living we're on is a part of a journey of which none of us really know the the final destination till we get there. At least with them I know what their doing cause it's freely visible & they don't shake with the fear of a DUI.

*re: Rx - I'm NOT referring to those who REALLY need meds, follow the cautions respectively and are properly monitored by their physician.


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