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One assignment took me to Atsugi, Japan. I traveled with another tech rep ( from another company); a civil servant, and a 1st. class. Three of us were put up in the old BOQ. It had been built before WWll (after the war, for a time, the base had been Gen. MacArther's headquarters). It was winter so the "Q" was cold, wind coming through the cracks, and leaked when it rained. As such the other rep and I, "V", decided to see if their was a motel in town we could move into. The 1st. class had befriended a 2nd. class on base security. He spoke fluent Japanese. He told us a new motel had opened, and he would be glad to be our interpreter. So off we went. When we drove up I noticed something odd, it appeared to have two addresses, 5600Y, and under it 3900Y. It was a two story structure, not unlike what you would see in the states. The 2nd. went in to talk to the proprietor. The other two just wandered off. After a while the 2nd. class brought the mamasan back. She just wanted to know if we were serious about renting two rooms a month at a time. We assured her we were. About that time some of the motel doors starting opening and a young women would stick her head out, look at us, say "tee hee" in their Japanese way, and shut the door. The second class and the mamasan returned to the office to resume rogations. Meanwhile our other two companions, who were still down stairs started laughing. In time the 2nd. class came back, "red faced". He explained that it was not a standard motel, but a "love motel". The mamasan wanted to meet these two "round eyes" who had the stamina to rent a room out a month at a time (the girls were also curious). We excused ourselves and as we were driving away I could not again remark on the strange address. The 2nd. class explained that those numbers represented the rate, 5600 Yen for the first hour, and 3900 yen for the second a subsequent hours. Doing a conversion to dollars the monthly rate for a room would have been $13,415. "V" and I both agreed that our respective personnel departments would bounce our expense accounts!

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