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I've been meaning to say this for days and days now....but just never quite got around to it for one reason or another. Be that as it may...I do know how to recognize an Open ~Door~ when I see it *LOL* and since I just saw Rich's post.....

Here goes!

Last week sometime (I think it might have been Saturday) I called Marguerite on the phone....and she and I had a GREAT chat! *S* One of the BEST things we chatted about was our ideas for a PHYSICAL/3D ~Gathering~. She and I share the SAME feelings about well as (obviously *LOL*)...the same desire for it to HAPPEN! *S*

Now I'll inform you all with what we've ~come up~ with! This is by no means meant to be controlled by US or any ONE person! It's OUR ~Gathering~ and that's the ~Spirit~ that we want to flow at it! *S*

All those interested in attending as well as those who can't...but feel that they might have some good ideas...can most CERTAINLY give your input and we can put physical form to this event....{{{TOGETHER}}}}.

Sooo Having said that *LOL* I now submit a summary of what Marguerite and I spoke about for your evaluation:

#1) We don't feel that anyone should feel ~put out~ by either expense or work...and so we decided to ~Gather~ at a place where NONE of us would have to personally and solely deal with that! *S*

#2) We decided to meet (preferably) over Coffee! *LOL* Hey! Isn't that one of the things we're always talking about? *S* We're thinking of either a Diner or some kind of Coffee House like Starbucks! *S* Again....other suggestions or preferences are and will be.... more than welcome! *S*

#3) We want to keep ~The Gathering~ SIMPLE! We're all close buds already...buds of the ~*Heart and Soul*~ and so we don't need any fancy schmancy stuff! *S* {{{{WE}}} (a.k.a the SI Web~sters) are the only ingredients that are AB~SOUL~UTELY necessary!!!! *S* Everything else .........will just ~fall~ into place naturally!

I mentioned to Marguerite that perhaps we might do it sometime in mid-December! That's a tentative time period though! We can always have it some other time. I'm busy with my Mom right now ...and Marguerite has a few things on her plate as I thought that not planning it for any time before December... would be best! I also thought that perhaps some of you might be coming this way for the Holidays to visit Family or Friends that are still here so that it might work out well on that score too! And....Let's not forget that we'd be able to capitalize on that SPECTACULARLY JUBULIENT feeling we all just NATURALLY get during the Holidays! *S* It would be ....


For those that can't PHYSICALLY make it...don't worry! We'll not only have you there in ~Spirit~....we can even bring a picture of you! *S* It may sound NUTTY *LOL*...but we did this at a ~Gathering~ for the other Web Site I go to...and it was WONDERFUL!!!!

Also noteworthy is that Marguerite and I still live here! *S* We can have as MANY we WANT! *S* So for those who might not be able to make this one....we can plan an additional one to suit YOU! *S*

O.k.! That's the Foundational Plans for the 1st Staten Island The Gathering .....

~Gathering~!!!!! *S*

What do you have to say about it all FRIENDS????


Love, Light~* & {{{{HUGS}}} To ALL!


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