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You bet it adds some spice to life! *LOL* It's also just plain HONEST! NO ONE (unless you're some kind of nut *S*) loves to argue....but lets face it...disagreements are a normal part of life! *S* AT LEAST if someone argues with you....they took the time to give you a REAL part of themselves!!!! Like anything else in life happens...and it's over! *S* We are a FAMILY here in the very best sense of the word! We share ROOTS!!!!! We're a ~Spiritual~ Family! Heck! With so many of the group physically living somewhere else....what else can we be? *S*

~Spiritual~ ties are the ones that REALLY hold people together! We're ~bonded~ in the ~*Heart and Soul*~. You can sit, eat, or even LIVE right next door to someone...but if there is no ~*Heart and Soul*~ ~SPIRITUAL~ bond...there's really NOTHING ther at all!

Notice the use of the word REALLY! *S* ~Spiritual~ ties are MORE "real" than the physical ones! They outlast the physical ones...

...each and every time! *S*

We here not only don't have NOTHING (the Matematician in me just loves that double negative! *LOL*)....we have something MIGHTY SPECIAL! *S*


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