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Hi Rolling Stone welcome or welcome back which ever applies LOL

"The Gathering" was born on 2/11/96 sooooooooooooooo there's lotsssssssss & lotssssssssss of posts here and packed away in the archives at:

As of Friday, November 05, 1999 03:10 PM there are/were approx. 6252 registered members/users so you're going to read lots of different posts written by current/former Staten Islander's and from others all around the world. What does this all mean - welllllll it means be flexible & open to the tons of information past & present coming from all different angles and having in common and differences of opinion depending on where/what they're about and the angle they view or don't view it from. Does this mean something bad? I think not.

One of the GREATEST things about this is that it's here and "donated/web supported" TOTALLY by the Webmaster as - which means he has extended his business day and invested his own time and $$'s and web storage to make this place a continued happening for Staten Islander's and Friends (or enemies, what ever someone's position is LOL) Either way I thank the Webmaster every chance I get for keeping the site uP and running 24/7 & putting uP with us with his Staten Island patience :)

Here you'll find readers who never post, guests who visit then join, gaWkers who just hang either because they can't figure out what we're all about or just need a place to be, There are some of us who have been here since pre-2/11/96 just waiting & watching as the SI-Web "The Gathering" was created and then became a cyber reality. There are others who just joined within minutes of my posting this and are about to begin a Staten Island journey of their own. This may be their "memory experiencing" of the old or a venture to the new.

I guess what I'm trying to suggest is that you catch uP on the Staten Island web by going to the link above and reading through the archives from it's origination and you'll see allllllllll kinds of stuff that will or will not sit right in your mind or in your heart...what you will see is that freedom rings with fond memories, information, opinions, sometimes wanted or unwanted "annonymousie" stuff. Staten Island Slinguage will make U laugh LOL...LOTS of it, some memory stuff may bring tears of joy/sadness to your eyes ...U mentioned that you're fairly new to the net. It takes a while to figure out...which is something some never do. Just about everything here in text so you don't get to hear a persons voice inflection or see facial expression nor their body language delivering the post, which makes things a bit difficult sometimes. The reading is "in the mind of the cyber beholder" an creates an image all their own - things are good and the rough spots do smoothhhhhhh out over time as we hold tight to our
~*~Home Of The Heart~*~ cause that's what we're all about.

Overall it's a GREAT PLACE to reconnect with old friends with shared memories of "The Island" aka my ~*~Home Of The Heart~*~ or to make new friends. Many of us do know one another in real life WOW! taWk about you're past catching uP with Ya, I went to GRAMMAR through HIGH school with some here and we had lost all contact because after high school we ventured out to different parts of the country/world - GOOD THING I didn't throw that blackboard eraser at the principal ROFL - and now here we are all snuggly & warm sharing our good times & bad again because of our Internet connection. We still bop one another in the head once in a while, sing like we're hanging out at "The Station" and no one is listening or throw and occasional water balloon to create a splash of "wake uP" but most of all we share and keep caring like the Staten Islander's we were raised to be...the best of who & what we are :)

I know you'll enjoy your visits here - and as you post remember...many would say "it's cyber addicting" so keep coming back LOL

Enjoy & Welcome Back!


~*~*~ Staten Island ~*~*~
"Home Of The Heart"

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