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I was born on SI in 1948 and spent most of the next 19 years living in Tompkinsville, Stapleton, South Beach, and Mariners Harbor (What can I say, we moved a lot!) before joining the fracas in Viet Nam. I cherish the memories of my years on SI and have longed to return to my old stomping grounds. Like so many others, my life's path has lead me to many diverse places, but never back to the Island.

When I found the SI-Web, I was elated. Here I thought, were folks from all around the world with a common link, their fondness of SI and a desire to share this with others via the internet.

Shortly after signing up however, I began to see more and more negative postings and negative responses to these postings. As an internet novice (I spent the last 4 years in Saudi Arabia where we did not have access to the internet) I may have been naive, but it seemed to me that a lot of effort was been expended arguing, sniping, and name calling. Could it be that I found the CB of the 90's? "10-4, good buddy!" and all that nonsense?

I was looking forward to meeting new people, forging a link to the Island once again, and sharing tales of the good ol' days. Instead, I felt like a passerby who is an uncomfortable witness to a family spat. That is what prompted me to cancel my membership.

I have logged-on as a guest a couple of times since then, and after reading some of the comments made by sipoet and DJ Lost, I wasn't the only one to feel this way. I also feel that I may have been too hasty in my indictment of the SI-Web family. As such, I have asked the Webmaster to reinstate my account and would truly like to give this thing another go.

Staten Island will always be in my heart and this may be my only way to come home again.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Rolling Stone

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