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Yep! It's scary how desensitized society has become. Nothing is anyone's "department" anymore. The worst injustices take place amongst the most vulnerable the physically ill or the mentally incapacitated. That's because it's really a form of bullying in disguise....and for those so inclined....who better to bully then people who can't fight back! Right? It's so sad. Do you know that one of the hospital staff members (I'm not sure if it was a nurse or nurses aid) actually stole the food of the woman next to my mother. That woman had also had a stroke but she was in very bad shape because not only was hers worse...but she had other pre~existing conditions. When the girl from the kitchen came in to collect the trays and saw the entree dish missing from the other woman's tray...she said to my Mother: One of "them" (and nodded towards the nursing station) took it didn't they??? My Mother said: Yes, they did. I wanted to address this right away....but my Mother feared reprisels....and you know what???? She's RIGHT! That's exactly what would have happened.

Next time you're in a Hospital.....go to the Nurses station to ask a question. Count how long you stand there with them all carrying on and chuckling amongst themselves before anyone even has the courteosy to ask you if they can help you or just even why you're there!

It's a POWER issue. People who really want to serve....SERVE!!!

As far as waiting until it's our turn: How I hope and pray you're wrong!!!!


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