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Hi Stan!

I didn't see the original exchange about Hawthorne but I know the street very well! It's right near me! I've always lived in this area. I also have TONS of friends that happen to live right there on the block! OT (another SI Web~ster) also has a very close friend that lives on the block! I believe this friend of OT's (whom I've met in person BTW *S*) happened to have lived there as a child too! If I'm correct in that fact, she must have been RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from you! *S* I've been in her house and it's RIGHT NEAR Watchogue. I won't say the number here!

I will tell you this though.....

Hawthorne has ONE HECK of a Block Party! *LOL* They didn't have it this year :-(...but they did have one last year and it was FAB~FAB~FAULOUS!

You'd be amazed at the changes on the block! *S*


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