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Unfortunately, my Mother had a stroke recently. I believe I might have mentioned that here already. Anyway, while she was in the Hospital she found something out which I honestly had known in my own right, but had forgotten about. I find it to be absolutely ludicrous. My Mother finds it ludicrous as well. I now submit the information for all of you to see how you feel about it.

O.k. This is the story:

My Mom went in the Hospital on a Thursday. She went in through Emergency but she did get a bed the same day. The next day was Friday. I point that out for a reason which you will soon see. The hospital staff, in the course of their day, came and changed the sheets on her bed.

Standard behavior! Right???


Now get a load of this!

The next day came, which of course was a Saturday. Even though my Mom had a stroke, she was blessed as far as the deficit that she incurred. She had/has her full mental faculties as well as speech....which some victims of a stroke loose. Anyway, it was about 11:30 something, and no one had come to change the sheets on her bed, The next time a nurse walked into her room she: Excuse me? I think that my room might have been overlooked as my sheets haven't been changed yet.

My Mother said that the nurse looked at her with a very strange look and said: Hon! Your sheets aren't GOING to be changed! We only do that 3 times a week!!!!

My Mother said: Come on! You're kidding! Right? The nurse said: No!!! I'm not! I'm absolutely serious.

The nurse DID SAY that if there was a spill or any kind of "accident" on the "off days" that they would change the sheets....but routinely...they only do it 3 times a week.

I'm sorry but that just does not ring PROPER to either me or My Mother! My Mother quickly pointed out that she had been a nurses aid in the hospital for many years and that they ALWAYS changed the sheets daily. The nurse replied: Not any more we don't!

I won't mention here what hospital it was because I've since found out it's irrelevant. I know someone that works in the other hospital on Staten Island (a Nurse) and after telling her the story she admitted that they do that THERE too.

I'm sorry but in my book that is just down right WRONG!!!!!!! I don't care if there are no visible "accidents" or "spills"....those people are ALL ill in some way (or they wouldn't be there)...they're all secreting various body sweats and oils....and they're TRYING to get better. How can one GET BETTER....if they're laying in the OLD GERMS???

And then there's the issue of MONEY! A Hospital stay is NOT CHEAP! Most of us (Thank God) have insurance and so we don't DIRECTLY see the money changing hands.....

...but it does...and it's BIG BUCKS!!!!

For crying out loud...even in the most dingy and rinky dink of motels....where a pittance of money is exchanged in comparison to what's exchanged for a Hospital room....the sheets are changed daily!!!!

I find this whole thing totally OUTRAGEOUS and I can see NO just cause for it!!!!!!! My Mother is telling the absolute truth about it btw as not only did that friend I know admit it but what my Mom told me resurrected the memory of my finding it out ...

....when I was in the Hospital!!!!

Come on! HEALTHY people can go to a Days Inn for 45 Dollars and get their sheets changed every day....

...but SICK people who pay about 800 to 1000 a day for a room CAN'T????

I find it all dowright appalling!!!

How do the rest of you feel about it????

The Hospital Staff literally has a hostage clientel and they obviously take FULL advantage of it!!!!! ~*Donna*~

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