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Rich.....Are you saying that you think I'm a BAD GIRL???? *sniff sniff* Moi??? Shy wittle ole~~~> DONNA?????? *look of extreme shock on face*

I mean...golly gee! I wouldn't even I know HOW to be bad if I wanted to! *LOL* And you know what else? I bet it's exactly the same for DJ! *S*

Haven't you ever heard that Cindi Lauper song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun???? *LOL*

As for the ~looks~ department.....YIKES! Don't even try to ~go~ there! LOL You know how everyone has a weak spot? Well...that's mine!!! Physically speaking you name it...and I've been ~there~ kiddo! *ROTFLOL* I've lost weight...I've gained weight. I've had long hair....I've had almost no hair. (due to the chemotherapy) I've experienced total fitness...I've experienced being a couch potato! Like I name it...I've been there! THANK GOD I'm the family photographer so there are virtually no pictures of the various stages of me. EEK! My eye is twitching even at the imagining of it! *LOL*

If/When we ALL meet up (and I'll explain that shortly) why don't we just all meet ~*Heart to Heart*~ ...~*Soul to Soul*~....and ~*Spirit to Spirit*~??? *S* That's the way me meet HERE! Right? *S*

Forget the hair dye, the tummy tuck, and the face lift! I would love you no matter WHAT you "looked" like...coz I'm met the best part of you already! You're a good man...a good friend....and you're one heck of alot of fun! That's a ~*Heart and Soul* bond kiddo~! *S* I'd also love Mrs. Rich! She'd have to be special if YOU picked her! RIGHT??? *S*

Oh well! I best be going for now! I have some exercises to get too! *LOL*

*Donna blows the dust off her Tae Bo tapes as the song "Let's Get Physical" plays in the background* *ROTFLOL*


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