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Awwww {{{{Art}}}}....How sweet!!! Thank You for your mention of me and of our meeting!!! *S*

Was that really almost 2 years ago???? WOW!!!!!!!!! I know it's a cliche saying....but MAN OH MAN how time DOES fly!!!! It's ironic that you brought all of this up again! I didn't tell you any of this....but I was working on a SURPRISE for you! *S* Honest!!! I asked the Assistant Principal of Port Richmond High School about Mr. LaHuta as my Daughter is now a student there and I see him often *LOL*...but he said that he was (as we suspected) ....retired. He told me the best way to try to reach him is through the Alumni Association. Do you get their Newsletter??? I do know someone that was on the committe for years (she may have even been the President)...and just as I was about to call her...I was blessed enough to run into her in person. Unfortunately she told me that she's no longer an officer on the committee! BUT! She did tell me who to contact next.....

....and so....

....that's where I'm at right now! *S*

I'll let you know when/if I find any more out!

I was going to try to surprise you.....but I guess the cat is out of the bag now! *LOL* was meant to be that way though *S*...and so I'll just ~go~...with the ~flow~! *S*

As I said...I'll keep you informed as to what transpires!!! I also have another idea but I'll hang on to that for a bit...

... before sharing it! *S*


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