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About the only thing I miss are my brother-in-law and my wife's sister, and my niece. I met him before my wife, and we were best friends when I met my wife and her sister, and we all got married. That's about it-all the people I knew I don't know anymore, it's gotten too crowded and my own family has moved to different parts of the country. When I do come to visit I am the first to the pizza parlor because you can't get good pizza in Florida, except for Little Italy in St. Petersburg, where I went tonight for a freshly made pizza with extra mushrooms. But that's a story for another time.
On a side note, how about a section for recipes for everybody to share and try out-I am an amateur cook and enjoy trying new things. We could probably form a StatnIslanders Cookbook from what we would put on there. Just an idea...

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