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I've been behind in getting here for a while for a number of reasons, work, side issues etc. but I'm back. One of the things I was involved in was translating the help file of a German German Shepherd Database program to American English. I want to publicly thank Dan for helping with a few key phrases.

I particularly get a kick out of the running Tech Rep thread. I'm not really one, but I am a engineering person for a government contractor. I've known many Tech Reps both during my 20 year Navy career and post Navy career. What a group!

While aboard USS JFK in 1969 they wore khakis like Chiefs and Officers, but with a book as a collar device. The book looked like 1/2 a stone scroll that Rabbi's have on their collar. One near sighted Commander was always addressing one of our tech reps as Rabbi. Another one was continually being mistaken for a Chief. We told him that was the biggest compliment he'll ever get in his life!

All this Greek stuff about the prostitutes reminds me of a true story while in Athens during this cruise. This gets a little off color, so if that bothers you, fair warning to stop now (as everybody grabs their computer mouse in titillating anticipation).

We were in a small hotel in Glyffda (suburb of Athens pronounced Gli-fada) owned by an Australian, home for some nearby USAF people and found by my wife and friend's wife while arriving in Athens before us. For a couple of months they port hopped through the Med for a nice summer vacation for them, my buddy and me. While small it was a nice hotel. Clean and much like a small US motel. It became the off-ship home for our squadron Chiefs all the times into Athens. We also met and became friends with a British Rock band that was engaged at the NCO club in Athens for a couple of weeks and lived at the hotel. To continue the story, you must forget about puritan mores as sometimes found in the US. Much of the world views these things differently as explained by DBLIVIT previously. The girl that worked this particular hotel was named Bubu. Very nice, funny person. The owner of the hotel would set up a table for us outside in nice weather or inside in the main lobby in poor weather where we'd drink, tell sea stories and have a good old time. As I said one of times in company with my wife (ex-wife now). One particular time we were set up in the lobby near the base of the stairs to the second floor. Bubu was sitting at our table. The owner came over and told her she had a customer. She said she'd be right back and left. In only a few minutes (a very few minutes) a terrible commotion erupted on the between floor landing of the stairs. Bubu was on her way back down, the sailor running after her and them arguing like mad. Being Chiefs and leaders etc. a couple of us got up to find out what was wrong before it got out of hand. It was, after all, an American sailor, plus Bubu was our adopted friend. He began yelling he wanted his money back or his money's worth. We asked Bubu what the problem was. She said, "I get his pants down and barely touch him and he come. My business rule is strictly one come to a customer". We howled with laughter. We had to calm the young sailor down and explain to him he had just learned one of the basic facts of life.


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