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We must know each other. Jimmy's brother was Billy.
He was a hotie. He and John Monte used to hang out
alot together. I think every girl had a crush on John
Monte! I vaguely remember Louie Manfra. I heard
Jimmy Holden works in Central Park for the Parks
Dept. The Monte's, I don't know. I moved to
Manhattan when I was 21 and to NJ in '91. I go to SI
once a month to see my father and Grandmother who
live there. The majority of my family has moved away.
The Island is NOT what it used to be. Forest Avenue
from where the old Majors used to be thru West
Brighton, reminds me of one big strip mall. I used to
hang out with Eileen Morton, Debbie Monte, Keith
McAvoy. If you want to email me and we'll chat.

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