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On 10/31/99 2:24:45 PM, MM5168 wrote:
>HMMMM, Tom trying to come up
>with some logical reasons for
>smoking, eh?

I only need ONE reason whether logical or not -- I ENJOY IT!!!

>Wee, let me tell
>you something, you as a smoker
>may not smell it when you get
>in my car, come into my house,
>or sit near me in a
>restaurant, but I sure the
>heck can smell it, and it is

And this affects ME (the smoker) HOW?

>Do your self a favor,
>and give em up.

How would I do myself a favor by giving up something I enjoy?

>Your lungs
>will thank you, your family
>will thank you, and most of
>all, you will thank yourself.

My lungs MAY thank me but with all the other stuff I have inhaled over the years, SMOKING cigarettes is the LEAST of their worries. I am NOT particularly concerned whether or not my family likes or dislikes my smoking, I don't know about YOUR family but my family has always accepted each other as they are, and not tried to change each other.
Again, how could I thank myself, when I would be giving up something I enjoy? I would more than likely HATE myself for not having the strength of will to continuing to do what I enjoy doing! Not to mention I would put a bullet in my head if I EVER became one of the "non-smoking Police", since I believe (the way ALL people should), that unless you are trying to harm me or my family, trying to take what is mine, or are a danger to others, what you do is your OWN business, and anyone that puts their two cents into YOUR business deserves at the least to be publicly STONED!!! (and I don't mean drugs!)

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