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On 11/3/99 8:56:38 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Now you know I have to have
>that figurine.... That is
>great. I have seen so many of
>the fairy ones that are
>downright, but
>this one is gorgeous.


Isn't it absolutely awesome???? I almost fell off my chair when I first saw it. Still do! Sassy is a very REAL and 3D Friend and she told me before I saw the picture that the likeness would freak me out but even WITH the warning.....I was ill~prepared! Shoot! She said that it even freaks HER out!!!!!

You cannot know how PRECISE the likeness is!!!!

The Sculptor has (naturally) given her one of the figurines....but Sassy also told me that if she can....she will get me one too! *S* WHOA!!!!! That would be OUTRAGEOUS! Sassy also knows my Daughter (at the other web site I go to we've had a few ~Gatherings~ and my baby Girl came with!!! *S*) and so Sassy and Christina have a bond too. Sassy is sending Christina one of the Sassy Cards through the mail!!!! *S* My Daughter is on CLOUD NINE waiting for it to arrive!!! *LOL* In the meantime....she printed out that other picture and keeps in on the door to her room! *S*


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