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Yeah, I caught part of it and hit the next channel button on the remote. It's awful seeing a movie about a slice of life that you lived and you know it ain't very real, but that's movie making.

Speaking of Rock 'n' Roll shows, I stood in line at the Time's Square Paramount in freezing weather, with friends, for five of the longest, coldest hours I can remember, to see Jerry Lee Lewis, in 1957 or 8, when I shoulda had more brains than that. Loved the show, what little I could see or hear of it, what with all the jumping around and dancing in the aisles and shouting from the audience. That cured me of going to R'n'R shows, altho' some of us went and danced on a bandstand tv show in NYC once or twice.

I could never get over reading about some adults who thought R'n'R music was bad in an evil sense. I've heard a lot of bad music in the subsequent years, meaning it meant nothing to me, but I never thought to call it evil, or even bad, just not what I related to. I.e., it didn't do anything for me, probly because I wasn't slow-dancing wid some seventeen year old wit' a pony tail. :)


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