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On 11/2/99 11:51:25 PM, hrwhite wrote:
>Dan, Thanks for that link.
>My dad told me about the
>Stapes, he was a fan. Harry
Harry, et al: The man to thank for this link is Charlie Joseph. Also, his father played on the Stapes. My dad was too young to play on his older brother's team.

An interesting anecdote: As the link states, my uncle was rolling in dough from the income brought in by the speakeasies, etc. The problem was he enjoyed the good life and never saved a dime. He bought himself a Pierce Arrow touring car and one day another brother, my uncle Earl borrowed it.

Earl also liked to imbibe of his brother's wares and in a fit of creative Irish fantasy stole a pig from the farm at Mt. Loretto. The plan was to bring the pig back to the bar, roast it and serve it up to the customers. On the way back to Stapleton however, the pig found that the leather seat covering in the Pierce Arrow was quite tasty and devoured most of it. When my uncle Dan saw the damage to his car, he made Earl take the pig back to Mount Loretto...I'm not sure, but I think Charlie's dad was involved in the return of the pig...DAN BLAINE

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