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I agree with all you say. It seems that the chief difference between us is that you managed to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, regardless of how you view them today, whereas I did not.

I left Staten Island too long ago and too young (14) to remember many specific people. I usually picture places instead. What the mind's eye sees first, for some reason, is that part of St. George up behind Borough Hall. I never lived in that area, but I picture old Victorian houses on narrow, dark, and rainy streets, and that's my S. I. archetype.

By the way, I never lived in Frederick either, but I love driving through places like that. There are a lot of them around here: Hagerstown and Annapolis, for instance. Gettysburg, too. They look like terrific places to live, but you speak with the voice of experience and I'll certainly take your words to heart.

Jim Donnelly

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