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Rich....You're a Sweetheart! *S* I too love to chuckle and snicker! (Obviously! *LOL*) Heck! I even think those WORDS "chuckle" and "snicker" are funny! *LOL* I love that you said you believe in peter pan!!!! *SSSS* I have to tell you this! I have a friend who does modeling, some print work, soap opera bits here and there....that kind of stuff. Well, SHE has a friend that's a sculptor. I think she's a well~known one. Anyway, she used MY friend to design a line of FAIRIE FIGURINES and now a line of GREETING CARDS with the same FAIRIE! WHOA!!! I've been with this friend IN PERSON and the likeness to the Fairie Statue is INCREDIBLE!!!! Even my son (who is usually unimpressed with just about everything) went WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He's met her in person too!)

Here's the link that's on my web site to the picture of her statue....but you have to see her in person to know how REAL the figurine looks! :-0


P.S. Do indeed tell Mrs.Rich to ~tickle~ you more! *LOL* If she does though...DJ and I want a FULL report! *ROTFLOL*

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