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Someone posted a query about the purpose of the SI Light up on Lighthouse Hill, and I ventured a reply; it was for the ships, essentially; then it was removed. But then I got an email from Karl in California saying his grandfather was a lighthouse kind of guy and this was exactly what it was for; the ships lined up on the light entering da hawbah so they didn't go up on da sandbahs. So I felt vindicated, for a change.

Then my sister, who's married to a Kings Point guy and whose son attends the Merchant Marine Academy, and who sent me a membership in the U.S. Merchant Marine or Maritime Society, sent me a clipping saying that StatNisland has been selected as HQ of the newly announced U.S. Lighthouse Center or Museum or whatever. So we're now a cynosure, even a beacon, for more than da ships.

Just thought youse guys would like to know that.


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