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Hi Sipoet,

I was just about to log off when I caught your post. I agree that there is a certain climate of unrest here recently.

But I think that when someone post a rude and unnecessary comment aimed directly at someone (at anyone for that matter) and then lacks the backbone to take ownership of it, they need to be called on the carpet for it.

It just so happens that I found out who the poster is. Rather than stir up anymore unrest, I just let it be known that the culprit has been identified and left it at that. Donna now knows who the poster is as well. She also agrees that it can and will be left at that.

If someone were taking direct aim at you, and I were able to track the posts, I would let you know who the poster was as well. :)

Within the past month there have been attacks on Gina, Donna, and myself to name a few (BTW, those anons were identified also).

I understand, in some instances, it's best to ignore the anon posters, but at this point I want the anonymous posters out there to know that they can and will be tracked down when and if necessary.

-DJ (just my 2 cents)

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