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Hi sipoet!

I read your post and all I can say is that I wouldn't worry! *S* There really isn't any nastiness here nor is there anything personal. It's actually kind of hard to be "personal" where an "ANONYMOUS" is concerned! *LOL* The two terms are diametrically opposed. *S*

What you have here are those who really love the web site defending it.... and the people they care about.... from mean spirited and nameless (or so they think) attacks. As for stopping those initial attacks....well....that's something that man has been trying to achieve since the dawn of don't know if we here could be more successful than man~at~large has been able to be....

....but I do know what you mean!!!!

Mean ~Spiritedness~ is ugly...and no one wants to be around it! We just have to make sure the Loving ~Spirits~ out number the mean ones and the way to do that is without fear of letting it ~flow~!


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